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2012 Secret Star Hairstyles Tips Revealed

Pure and organic hair elixirs are undoubtedly better for your health and the eco-system. But the real question is, will they make your hair look fantastic out of the (recycled) bottle? To find out which natural products are truly great, we asked top beauty insiders who swear by them to reveal what fixes they keep at arm’s reach.

Stars tell you secret of hairstyles - Rosie Huntington 2
Stars tell you secret of hairstyles - Rosie Huntington 3
India Hicks, model, beauty collaborator and author
“I love to give my hair a soak in rejuvenating olive oil or coconut oil. Depending on the length of your hair use 10-20 tablespoons of oil with 2-3 beaten eggs and a splash of lemon juice or vinegar. These oils are great restorative treatments for hair and smell sensational and holiday-y. I follow with a gentle shampoo. One of my favorites is the Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Volumizing Seaweed Shampoo, which is paraben-free. I also love Dr. Hauschka Neem Hair Oil, which prevents my hair from breaking and adds natural shine. It’s made with Neem leaf extracts from the Neem tree that’s native to India and has been used for beauty and health benefits for years.”
Stars tell you secret of hairstyles - India Hicks
Kate Young, stylist
“Rodin By Recine Hair Oil smells good! It’s really moisturizing and there’s no weird synthetic stuff in it.”
Stars tell you secret of hairstyles - Kate Young
Lena Korres, co-founder of Korres
“Dr. Hauschka Neem Hair Lotion is great for healthy, shiny hair. I use it as a weekly treatment and love the impact it has on my scalp and hair. And Aveda Pure Abundance Volumizing Hair Spray adds a lot of body, plus it has a great scent! From Korres, the Green Silt & Oligoelements Treatment is on my top-five list. It’s only available in Europe but it has an amazing formulation for deep cleansing hair. It exfoliates without irritating and reduces residue. And the Korres Organic Jojoba Oil is one of my favorite natural pharmacy remedies, which I use as a weekly mask. It’s like a vitamin for the hair—it moisturizes deeply and refreshes.”
Stars tell you secret of hairstyles - Lena Korres
Olivia Chantecaille, creative director for Chantecaille
“My favorite natural hair products are from Aveda. I put a towel on my pillow and sleep with their Dry Remedy Moisturizing Treatment Masque on and then shower it off in the morning. I try to use natural, botanical products as much as possible in my life. I like the way they make me feel and smell, plus I feel better about less chemicals being washed down the drain and ultimately not polluting the oceans.”
Stars tell you secret of hairstyles - Olivia Chantecaille

Rose Marie Swift, makeup artist and founder of RMS Beauty RMS Beauty
“The best hair healer is my RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream. It contains natural lauric acid, which has anti-fungal, anti bacterial, and anti microbial properties so it helps heal the scalp of skin problems and nourishes the hair. Nothing is better as a scalp treatment. I also use the organic shampoo from Dr. Alkaitis—it’s amazing on dry hair.”
Stars tell you secret of hairstyles - Róe Marie Swift

Linda Rodin, stylist and founder of Rodin Olio Lusso
“My Rodin By Recine Hair Oil makes my silver hair very, very shiny. I love the rosemary and juniper scent. And it takes my ‘frizzies’ away.” Lulu Organics Hair Powder is good when I’m traveling and don’t have time to wash my hair. It’s great for just a day or two in a pinch. And I use Living Nature Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner once a month to give my hair a break from my stronger Clairol Shimmer Lights weekly shampoo.”
Stars tell you secret of hairstyles - Linda Rodin

Brook Harvey-Taylor, perfumer and founder of Pacifica
“Coconut oil is amazing for your hair. One of my favorite brands is Artisana Organic Coconut Oil because it smells so coconut-y and fresh, and I can find at my local Whole Foods in Santa Barbara. I use it before I surf or swim to coat my hair and keep it from breaking or soaking up the salt water. I’ll use it on my hair overnight before I go in for color. My favorite shampoo is Weleda’s Calendula Baby Shampoo. I use in on my kids and it’s free of synthetic detergents that dry out your hair and scalp. When I blow dry, I really love using John Master’s Shine On. It makes my hair smooth, shiny and it doesn’t weigh it down. It’s brilliant.”
Stars tell you secret of hairstyles - Brook Harvey-Taylor

Jasmina Aganovic, founder of Stages of Beauty skincare
“I started using Ojon Dry Recovery Volumizing Foam about four years ago and I haven’t stopped since! It’s so lightweight and absorbs right into the hair. After I used it for a few weeks, I noticed that my hair started to grow faster and stronger. I put it on my wet hair after towel-drying and then blow-dry as usual. Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment has been great for preventing split ends and I’m absolutely addicted to how soft it makes my hair feel—I love the scent too! Aveda Dry Remedy Moisture Mask for Hair is a must-have during the winter when my hair gets really dull and rough. Using this mask once a week injects the shine and life back into it.”
Stars tell you secret of hairstyles - Jasmina Aganovic

Misha Anderson, co-owner of Woodley & Bunny salon and apothecary
“Sans Nourishing Hair Hydratant Ultra+ is a deep conditioner that is ‘sans’ everything nasty but delivers softness and shine to my thick, curly mass of hair. Plus the packaging is so chic, it upgrades the look of my shower!”
Stars tell you secret of hairstyles - Misha Anderson

Ellis Faas, makeup artist and founder of Ellis Faas Cosmetics
“I always use Moroccan Henna to color my hair. I love the shade and it makes my hair shiny. I also like virgin coconut oil since it’s very hydrating, takes away frizz and keeps my hair soft.”
Stars tell you secret of hairstyles - Ellis Faas

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, model
“I love the John Masters organic shampoo and conditioner. The ultra clean ingredients make my hair feel great and healthy, plus they smell amazing!”

Source: Harper’s BAZAAR

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