Thursday, June 21, 2012

How To Do Hippie Hair

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How To Do Hippie Hair

Many women like to wear a look of contracting and free, hippie hair style. If you are attracted to this way of getting a look we're going to tell you how to do hippie hair so they can perform them hippies at home and spending the least time possible. We will tell about its features and most common ways to do it.


Typical element that must be present at any hippie hairdo, is a whole strand in a semi collected, etc.. We can start by combing the hair thoroughly, then take small sections of hair and braid. If you want, is the possibility of leaving them loose on the face or group them in a larger braid.

Hairstyles hippie have a lot of movement and freedom, so the waves are good features of this style. If we have the hair without waves can we realize loops with curling cream and put us to set the style. The parting is very typical of this type of hairstyles, very unique indeed.
Bangs and Extensions

Loose hair and thick bangs it is a good way to get a hairstyle hippie. We complement it with some braid extensions that give a different touch and good hippie. Accessories like headbands or headbands have been a form of rebellion and bring this show.
Simple and easy ways to find fulfillment styling of this particular style, fresh and fun.

Now you've seen several examples of hairstyles hippies, what remains is to learn to do it! For that is that since we have created a video tutorial with step by step so you are not sure how to make a hippie hairstyle :

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