Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Very Short Haircuts Pictures

Very Short haircuts and hair styles pictures 2012. Very Short Hairstyles are easy maintainenace for women. They are at the top of the hairstyles gallery list for versatility. Very short haircuts for fashion minded ladies. It takes some courage to cut your hair this short. The trendy short hair cut that you get however is more than rewarding. There are some very short hairstyles that can be made appropriate for individuals with larger or more prominent facial features. Bangs or larger wisps of hair and even layered very short hairstyles can be used to disguise these prominent hairstyles. 

Ginnifer Goodwin
Ginnifer Goodwin
(photo credits: www.ginnifergoodwin.org)

Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams 
(photo credits: www.michelle-williams.net)

The advantage to very short hairstyles or haircuts is that they are sassy, and many people relate sassy to sexy. This hairstyle also exudes confidence, and nothing is sexier than confidence.

The disadvantage to very short hairstyles is salon visits. A short haircut will require a salon visit every three to four weeks to remain crisp and attractive. So if you lack either the time or the finances for frequent salon visits, you may want to go with a longer hairstyle.

Very Short Haircuts Video 

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